Why Choose Intown?

We Think about Education Differently

Charlotte Mason believed children loved to learn when presented with rich material and the opportunity to explore.  A Charlotte Mason education celebrates the whole child who was formed in the image of God.  These methods develop students who display imagination and the ability to think creatively and critically about ideas.  Some of our core principles include:

  • Living Books - books that inspire thought and creativity, provide ideas and engage natural curiosity, and lead children to an authentic love for reading and learning
  • Narration - the practice of repeating back what is heard or read for the purposes of gaining a deeper understanding and making connections
  • Studies - picture, nature, and composer studies that are integrated into the humanities curriculum and inspire a love for God's world and the beauty within it
  • Habits - working with parents to ensure children establish good habits at home and at school in the areas of: attention, perseverance, respect, obedience, self-control, responsibility, humility, integrity, honesty, and order
  • Short lessons - providing children time to ruminate on information they've learned in order to think creatively about it, create connections and deeper meaning, and apply it in new ways
  • Timeline - students create a visual representation of an historical timeline beginning in 4th grade and ending in 8th grade, so they understand how historical events connect


We are a Covenant Christian School

As a covenant Christian school, Intown hires Godly educators who freely share their testimonies and incorporate a Biblical worldview into all they teach.  Our families are members in good standing of a church, and our students will build a strong Scriptural foundation.  With intentionally small class sizes, our teachers take great delight in knowing each individual child's heart - his strengths and weaknesses, not only academically, but socially and spiritually as well.

We Value Parental Involvement

We partner with parents as the primary educators of their children, and as such, parents play a significant role in the lives of our students.  Parents serve as classroom volunteers, field trip chaperones, service project coordinators, admission team representatives, and event coordinators.  We hold a monthly parent meeting where teachers and parents discuss classroom activities and pray for one another.  Not only do the children benefit from having parents involved in their schooling, utilizing volunteers helps keep our tuition costs low.

Parent Testimonials

Family time together is a huge priority for us and so naturally the half day for early elementary has really worked well for my children. I appreciate how it gives us extra time together at home. They are well-rested, not rushed or stressed, I can help them with their work at home, and it gives us extra margin for fun activities like dance, gymnastics, or sports without feeling like we are pushing to fit in the activities we value. 

I have been so impressed with how well the teachers seek to know our kids and how much they are invested in each student. The small class size, the emphasis on community, and the high caliber of teachers helps to make this possible and has made a huge difference in our life. The teachers and staff are speaking truth into our children's lives, they are modeling a community of faith, and they are walking alongside our kids as they grow and develop academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.  I love that there are other adults our kids can look up to who love and live for Jesus and also care about them as an individual. What a gift!
My children have been at Intown school for a few years now, and I still can hardly believe how blessed we are to be able to attend. We did not initially think private school was for us, but after exploring other options, we decided to apply and have never regretted it. The investment we are making is paying dividends far beyond what we could have expected or imagined. They are growing academically and also are immersed in a Christian community that cares for their social, emotional, and spiritual growth as well. 

Erica & Kevin

Parents to a 1st, 3rd, and 5th grader

We are grateful for Intown because it is a place where we know our children's teachers regularly pray for them by name.  Not only have our children made life-long friendships with classmates, we have connected with other parents and forged friendships through monthly parent meetings and social events.  When we brought our eldest here in third grade, we were immediately welcomed in by the community!

Chad & Ellen

Parents to a 1st and 5th grader

We came from a large public elementary school, and the difference that Intown has made on my boys is night and day!  In public school, they came home unhappy and angry at every little thing.  From day one at Intown, the boys have been all smiles and happy after school!  They can't wait to tell me what they learned at school that day, and as a neuroscientist, I'm thrilled with the emphasis on phonics and fine motor skills, which are proven teaching methods for young, developing brains.


Parent to twin 3rd graders

We moved our four children to Intown this year and have been blown away by this wonderful school!  We are very thankful to have found such a special place for our entire family.  Middle school can be a tough time to change schools, but the transition has been smooth.  Our daughters love their teachers and are excited about what they are learning and how the material is taught.  They have made friends easily and jumped in to participate in sports and extracurricular activities.


Parent to twin 6th graders, a 4th grader, and a Kindergartner

I am consistently impressed with the Biblical knowledge and memory verses our daughters can recite.  Intown is a shining example of combining scholastic studies with Biblical worldview.  Jesus Christ is threaded through everything they do.  I am also impressed with the quality of the PE my children receive.  The school values outdoor time and organized sports. This ensures our daughters have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of team athletics.


Parent to an 8th and 6th grader

Intown is such a gift to our family.  It is such a joy to be able to teach on Enrichment Days and spend time with our child's classmates.  They get to know us, and we get to know them.  There is a strength and richness in these connections that goes far beyond the topic of the day.  We are so thankful for the vibrant learning environment where our child is encouraged, challenged, and celebrated along the way.  The Charlotte Mason philosophy makes for a wonderful learning experience!


Parent to a 1st grader

We are so pleased with Intown!  We have seen our children mature before our eyes and become more excited about learning and growing in a relationship with Christ.  We are also so encouraged by the community we have found in the school.  We have built so many friendships with other families that share our faith and values.

Jim and Beth

Parents to a Kindergartner and 4th grader

It is a gift to see our children flourish at Intown after moving them to the school in 5th and 7th grades.  The community, including teachers, staff and parents, is all working towards the holistic development of the child grounded in our Christian faith.  The school also does an excellent job with physical education, athletics, and the arts, which results in truly well-rounded graduates.

John & Jena

Parents to a 6th and 8th grader

What makes Intown truly unique is the prioritized focus on developing a genuine love of learning within each child. They recognize that a child may outgrow specific interests, but he or she will never outgrow deeply-rooted curiosity to explore new ideas. 

Casey & Amrah

Parents to a 3rd and 6th grader

We love that Intown is first and foremost, a Christian school, whose strategic vision and day-to-day operations reflect a fundamental belief of being created in the image of a loving God.  This core belief is demonstrated daily in the grace-filled manner in which each child is taught.  Teachers focus on growing the whole child, and we know it is this teaching philosophy that has helped our children thrive and has furthered their faith foundation.  Each of my children recognizes the blessing of attending a school where academics and faith are not separate.  We love our Intown community!


Parent to a 6th and 8th grader

One of the many benefits of the Intown community is being known. Our family has felt known and cared for in countless ways over the years. It’s great to be in a small school where parents are involved, and we can easily know our kids’ friends and peers and their families which is really important to us as parents. We are especially thankful that the Intown teachers know the spiritual state of our children’s hearts and are intentionally pointing them to Christ every day.


Parent to a 2nd and 4th grader

Intown Community School transformed our idea of education for our children.  We were not looking to send our boys to a private school, but once we heard the philosophy of Intown, we knew we had found what we did not even know what we wanted.
A gift for our family has been learning with our boys some foundational skills that we did not have in our own childhood— what I summarize as public speaking, iterative research training and the ability to narrate what you have heard concisely.  We have loved learning with them about nature studies, numerous creative projects, and the philosophy of observation and understanding that Intown has implemented from Charlotte Mason.  The book reading has been taken up not only by the children but by the parents— My favorite part has always been the Oratorical every year, and there is nothing for me like hearing my children memorize classic poetry.
Our children were made ready for their next phase of life, but we partnered with Intown to plant deep into them a love of learning, and for that we are so grateful.


Parent to a 7th grader and Intown graduate

Racial Diversity Committee Mission

Intown Community School aspires to reflect the racial diversity of the broader communities where our families reside and to be a place that is welcoming and nurturing for Christian families of all ethnicities, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We seek this diversity not for its own sake, but because we believe that it is a Biblical calling and a value that aligns with our core mission. Intown endeavors to cultivate a Christ-centered life of learning for young people, a mission best accomplished in a place where the beautiful diversity of God’s kingdom is reflected.

At a time when differences often fragment us, Intown desires to model the joy of being one in Christ. We believe God is calling us to take steps both big and small to cultivate a school community where a diverse faculty and student body flourish together as differences are respected and celebrated. With Jesus as our model, we seek to equip the next generation to love, accept, and stand beside one another. We believe an Intown education holds incalculable value, as gifted educators pour knowledge into students, model the gospel, and shape a Christ-centered worldview. We seek to share this treasure with a wide array of Christian families, welcoming all and honoring the differences that we bring to our community.

At Intown, parents choose

Community over isolation, freedom over perfection, individuality over conformity, exploration over homework, contemplation over memorization, rooted over trendy,

long-term over short-term, Heaven over Earth


We have so many traditions that make Intown truly unique!

  • Book Character Parade - Students dress in a costume from a favorite Living Book
  • Chapel Day/Reading Buddies - A monthly time for our students to buddy up for some reading and attend a chapel service
  • Death Valley Flag Football Championship - Faculty and staff join forces with the parents of our eighth graders to take on the eighth grade students
  • Enrichment Days - On specific Fridays, parents of students in K-2nd teach their child's class for the morning
  • Esprit de Corps - A week-long celebration of the arts: visual, culinary, and dramatic, which culminates in a variety show on Friday night
  • Fall Family Picnic - This school-wide event welcomes new and returning families to a nearby park to visit and play
  • Field Day - Half-day event in May where the students gather for outdoor games and fun
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day - A special occasion day where we welcome relatives or close friends to spend the morning on campus
  • Hat Day - Held on the last day of October, students and faculty are encouraged to wear fun, crazy hats
  • Middle School Retreat - Middle School students, teachers, and parent volunteers enjoy a beginning of the year retreat
  • Middle School Trips - Our 7th and 8th graders take capstone trips to Charleston and Savannah respectively
  • Parent Meetings - Monthly meetings to discuss classroom happenings and pray for one another
  • Renaissance Faire - Held in early spring, our 5th and 6th graders demonstrate what they have learned about the Middle Ages and Renaissance in a variety of ways
  • See You at the Pole - On this global day of prayer, students and parents gather under the flagpole to pray and worship
  • Service Project Days - Twice a year, parents lead students on community mission day trips
  • Spring Celebration - Held in May, this is a time for the whole school to celebrate our year together
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School Profile


Student To Staff Ratio

Students learn best when they are known. Our class sizes range from 7-15.


Nature In The City

Our beautiful campus is an oasis in the city, readily accessible to all major cross-town roads.



Our K-8 model provides community.

Intown Community School admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students in all programs. The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color and national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

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